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Baddha Konasana ( cobbler's pose)

\ )Baddha Konasana ( cobbler's pose )
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"Yoga with Joy" is a Mindful Practice For Life.

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In an atmosphere of joyful and mindful presence while practicing yoga or meditation, we are able to enhance our health as we align body, breath, heart and mind. We increase our ability to flow with the constantly changing events in our lives. By reducing our restlessness, we find great peace and joy that can heal our hearts. Yoga and meditation will improve sleep, and vitality and we will be more rested and alert, more present and available. We will gain strength and flexibility that delivers balance and equanimity into our relationships and into our work. As we slow down life's hectic pace and learn to rest and to engage at a pace less quickened, with ease our stress is reduced. We can help to lower our own blood pressure and relieve anxiety. By consciously coming home to each breath we return again and again to what is real in each moment. We will remember our natural ability to live joyfully in our vibrant bodies.

Happy Holidays to all of you.

We have entered into the winter season of celebration, of gratitude, and drawing inward to reflect upon the new year to come. This workshop is designed with my desire that we find balance with whatever comes. In stillness and rest we may find the spaciousness to overcome imbalance, and cultivate the greatest place of wellness for ourselves. May this turn us toward a place of peace and understanding, that love and compassion become easily accessible for ourselves and everyone we meet. May you all be well and content.

Please join me for my upcoming workshop. Utilizing Yin and Restorative Yoga with the power of Pranayama and Meditation we open ourselves to the process of creating change in our lives.

Please register in advance with me via phone, email, or in person for those I will see this week in Yoga Class.


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