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Baddha Konasana ( cobbler's pose)

\ )Baddha Konasana ( cobbler's pose )
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"Yoga with Joy" is a Mindful Practice For Life.

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In an atmosphere of joyful and mindful presence while practicing yoga or meditation, we are able to enhance our health as we align body, breath, heart and mind. We increase our ability to flow with the constantly changing events in our lives. By reducing our restlessness, we find great peace and joy that can heal our hearts. Yoga and meditation will improve sleep, and vitality and we will be more rested and alert, more present and available. We will gain strength and flexibility that delivers balance and equanimity into our relationships and into our work. As we slow down life's hectic pace and learn to rest and to engage at a pace less quickened, with ease our stress is reduced. We can help to lower our own blood pressure and relieve anxiety. By consciously coming home to each breath we return again and again to what is real in each moment. We will remember our natural ability to live joyfully in our vibrant bodies.

Springtime has come again!

Although I know that it is Spring, in many ways it doesn’t feel like any other I have experienced since moving to California 17 years ago. I could be mistaken, as I know that memory can deceive me. Isn’t it true how we mingle our perceptions of things past and redesign them in our mind? Sometimes we turn our memories into something better than what actually happened, without consciously knowing that we are creating a revised story of something that has happened perhaps not quite as we recall. We can even have no memory at all of something which at the time was too stressful for us to process. Perhaps now or then we wished that what happened in the Spring of some year had truly been different than what actually occurred. Maybe we were just not paying much attention and made up our memories, at least in part. We might paint it happier or darker than the truth. This makes me realize how grateful I am to practice mindfulness and actually be able to take in so many precious moments each and every day. We are blessed by actually being present with all of our senses, breathing in the moments that will never come again. I want to be mindful and to feel myself moving through each experience whether it feels challenging or wonderful. The more we do this we may also live in more acceptance of life as it is, with an appreciation for as many moments as we can.

Enjoy the Springtime holidays of May on Mother’s Day and Memorial Day and every other day that seems ordinary. They each have the potential to be a special day for you.

In gratitude for all of you,


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